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Our client develops technology that can automatically design and build websites for all type of restaurants.

The challenge:

The main objective was to create faster, cheaper, and more e­fective business websites. The initiative arises because there are millions of small restaurants that don’t have a website, it is outdated, or it doesn’t work properly. With that in mind, the main goal was to create an automated website for those restaurants, with as little user intervention as possible.

The solution:

The first challenge was to automate a tool to extract data and useful information about the customer for the subsequent creation of the site. The focus of the development was about creating a mechanism to allow customers to make website customizations.


After the first iteration with customers, we will improve the site-generator, to decrease the building time and to give more power to user. The website will be created in a way that the owner of the restaurant can change the information online whenever necessary. The site will include social media integration, google integration, POS and CRM integrations, and will have all the required legal documentation to ensure maximum security and that the customer does not have to worry about anything.

Next Steps:

In the future, it will focus on the development of different templates for customers to choose and rotate (if they want) from the template gallery that we’re working on.
The app was developed using Django in the backend and Gatsby (ReactJS) in the frontend.


We have a long term relationship with this client, we have been working in this project since 2020 and we are very plased in continue working in their application. We are planning to grow our team this year to continue supporting their application.

Contact us if you need to know more about this case or if you are thinking about building an application using ReactJS.