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What is Python?

Python is free and open source code designed to be simple, fast and easy to read. It was developed by Guido Van Rossum in 1989 with the mission to make coding simple and fun again. Python is amazingly versatile and can be used for everything from web development to data science. This versatility is a feature that very few programming languages can boast the way Python does.

Why do we choose Python?

We have been adopting this technology for 10 years and have developed more than 50 applications using Python.
Something that we find incredible is its strong and global community. We are a company that contributes and believes in this great community by sponsoring events and actively conducting training initiating users in this amazing technology.
Also large companies use Python because it is easy to read, easy to learn, and its libraries and frameworks make everything more efficient. Plus, it works well with other languages like C++, which makes it easy to integrate with pre-existing code when a company wants to update it or just add to it.
Frameworks and libraries are scalable, in most of our backend apps, we use Django framework.
Think of your coding project as a house. You can imagine a framework as a model house that, for the most part, is already built, you just have to pick the finishing touches. Libraries are like buying furniture at Ikea. You’ll still assemble the furniture inside the house you’ve built, but you won’t have to build the furniture from scratch.

Companies that choose Python

This increasingly popular language – currently the fourth most popular in the world – has become the foundation of major companies like Google, Instagram, Spotify, Quora and Dropbox. Some companies, such as Netflix, Facebook and Reddit, have even released open source Python frameworks and libraries for outside developers to use. Every company uses Python differently. You’ll find it in back-end development, behind huge social networking platforms, powering recommendation engines, crawling and indexing web pages, and connecting teams in large enterprises.
At Woxlab, we have a team of specialists that we offer to our clients in our staff augmentation modality or contracting us as a software factory could be the best way to start with your project from scratch.

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