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What is React?

Technically not a framework, React is a JavaScript library used in web development for interactive elements in websites and user interfaces. Created by Facebook, React is also used to build web and mobile apps.
This JS library provides a lot of flexibility, as it uses components that can be used to create more sophisticated logic and user interfaces. It also uses a virtual DOM to interact with HTML docs, but all elements are represented as js objects.
ReactJS is focused on creating attractive applications and requires minimal coding effort. With its remarkable features, it enables companies to develop simple and scalable web applications.

Key Benefits of React Development

  • It boosts productivity and ensures faster rendering
  • Stable code and a strong community
  • You can use ReactNative framework for mobile app development
  • Comes with a helpful developer toolset
  • Is SEO friendly
  • Simplifies the process of scripting components
  • Is easy to learn
  • Is popular worldwide

When should I choose React?

  1. Data-intensive dashboard applications.
    With ReactJS, you can get easy-to-use templates for dashboards. Although these templates come at a high price, their use is feasible since the component-based architecture of ReactJS allows reusing many components. In addition to this, dashboards need to continuously update their UI components, for which you will need a framework that helps in quick re-presentation. For this, ReactJS is the perfect solution thanks to its virtual DOM.
  2. E-commerce web applications.
    Any e-commerce application requires rich features with a seamless user interface. ReactJS-based e-commerce applications are slowly getting traction now. In addition to this, ReactJS also comes with built-in comprehensive UI components that can be helpful in e-commerce application development.
  3. Social networking applications.
    Since the inception of Facebook, social media applications have been the primary use cases for ReactJS. In response to user request, each new page needs to be reloaded in social media. Each page is created as a SPA using ReactJS. Therefore, users can get a top-notch experience. This is especially true for applications like Twitter and Facebook. So, if you need to give such a fantastic experience to your users, ReactJS can be a perfect option.
  4. Enterprise web applications.
    As we all know by now, ReactJS allows for a component-based architecture. This type of architecture is always the best for creating large-scale or enterprise web applications. With the use of component-based architecture, the developer can reuse the components and reduce the cost of downstream maintenance.
  5. Single Page Applications (SPAs).
    SPAs are one of the most common use cases of ReactJS. When you choose to develop a single-page web application for your business and you consult any web application development company, the first framework they will advise you is ReactJS. This is because React-router is an exceptional tool for providing a single-page navigation experience. In addition to this, ReactJS allows developers to create and present complex views with React’s use of service-side rendering.
  6. Complex UI
    With the advantage of reusing components, ReactJS can be used to create complex user interfaces. It can also be used when you need to create multiple web pages with the same UI.
  7. Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
    Progressive web apps are apps that can run offline and also use web browsers. These apps access device capabilities and provide a native experience to their users. ReactJS supports progressive web apps and allows developers to convert existing ReactJS web apps into progressive web apps.

Popular Web Apps that use ReactJS

  • Uber
  • Airbnb
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Netflix
  • Wal-Mart
  • WhatsApp


As we have seen in this blog, ReactJS is the perfect choice for any enterprise application. It is a high-quality framework and is worth using. Being a component-based framework, it helps developers to create a seamless user interface. You can consider any ReactJS development company and get your highly attractive web application developed.