Nearshore Software Development

Nearshore Software Development

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Who we are

Software Developers.

We have a professional staff of full stack developers with over 10 years of experience working with open source technologies, such as Python and Javascript.

We provide integrated IT solutions, focused on our clients needs. This means we design and build applications that achieve high quality AND also a positive return of investment.

Our work is supported by agile methodologies such as Scrum, always tailored to each different client and project.

Our culture focuses on constant innovation and providing extra value in our services.

Our Services

Fixed Price

A properly scoped project where we define a set of requirements starting from a deep analysis, we deliver an expected deadline, and we work on it until every party considers the requirements met. If the requirements change, everything is reevaluated. This is charged as a package.

Staff Augmentation

We provide you with specific people for specific roles. Say, a developer to join your developer team. This is charged hourly (exactly, or as a fixed monthly rate contract).

Time & Materials

It's a form of staff augmentation where we responsable for the development but we work along with you or whoever else is involved in this project, for time. It can be a fixed amount of time, or indefinite. The scoping can be done similarly here, but it works more as if you would hire a development team for your company than simply hiring a company to develop an app. Everything is more simple and dynamic.

How we work

Professionals working with the best methodologies and open-source tools
to deliver quality results and real business value to your company.

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